General Information

Camp Mekokiko (“the Camp”) is a camp and retreat property owned by the Hawaii United Methodist Union. “Mekikiko” means “Methodist” in Hawaiian.

The Camp is a 36.5-acre mountain site on the lower slopes of Mauna Kea at the northern end of the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island. Located on the windward side, the Camp is lush and green, with over two miles of walking trails. The experience of the outdoors and nature is easily obtained, and at 1,900 feet elevation, the vistas are rewarding.

Potential Hazards

As with any wilderness environment, all campers should at all times be aware of hazards in this environment. These hazards include, but are not limited to:
Falling branches or trees (especially when there are windy conditions).
Rushing water in gullies during heavy rain. These may occur without warning due to rains farther up the mountain, even when there is no heavy rain at the Camp.
Tree stumps, loose gravel, uneven ground, depressions and small holes in the ground.
Insects, such as centipedes, mosquitoes, bees and wasps, spiders and wild pigs.

Waiver of Liabilities

Use of the Camp is permitted only if all persons staying at the Camp sign the Release provided.

Policies and Rules

The responsible person, the person who signs the rental agreement,
must be present at check-in and departure in order to observe the condition of the facilities, the same condition in which they must be left at departure. Campers will not be allowed into the facilities until the responsible person checks-in.

The manager of the Camp (“the Camp Manager”) will accompany your
group’s responsible party for inspection at check-in and prior to your departure. Your deposit refund will be mailed from our corporate offices within three weeks of departure less any applicable cleaning or damage charges as detailed below.

Miscellaneous Items

Camp Manager. The Camp Manager resides on the property.

The Camp driveway is locked every night.  The entire Camp Boundary is clearly marked by fence. You are limited in your hiking and wandering to the Camp property. You may not cross over any boundary onto adjoining property.

You will be issued keys for the your rented building.  The keys shall not be
copied. If you need more than one set, please advise us prior to your check-in.  Lost key(s) will incur the cost of changing locks and will be deducted from your deposit.  

Pets. Pets are not allowed.

Supervision. We require a ratio of one adult to every four youths (defined as under the age of 19) when youth are at Camp. This is strictly enforced.

Noise. Excessive noise is prohibited and the Camp Manager is the sole judge of what is excessive. That said, the Camp is remote and can withstand a great deal of joyful sound.

Cooking. The State of Hawaii and the County of Hawaii prohibit us from providing meal service. Therefore you either must cook your own meals or have them catered. (Tex’s Drive In in Honokaa, a 10 minute drive, will prepare for your take-out complete meals. Their phone number
is: 775-0598.  There are other venders as well. )

Cleaning Lodge.  We provide dish towels and kitchen hand towels. All dishes, pots,  pans, etc., are expected to be washed and returned to their labeled place upon departure. 

Cottages.  The duplex cottages are supplied with sheets, bedspreads, blankets, and towels.  At departure we ask you to strip beds used and simply pile on the floor used sheets and towels.  Bedspreads and blankets should be folded and stacked on their respective bed.

Tenting.  We ask you to sakeep closed all gates surrounding tenting areas, and police the area, as well as the bath pavilion, making sure all water fawcets are turned off.

Your required deposit will be reduced by any clean-up charges, and your organization will be billed for any costs that exceed your deposit. The camping ethic is to leave the Camp cleaner than you found it. We try to provide a spotless well-maintained environment, and have a
zero-tolerance for damages: mark on a map and you’ve bought a replacement; break a cot and you’ve bought a replacement; pound a nail into the wall and you will be billed for repairs; forget to clean the stove or refrigerator and you will be billed cleaning time.

If you have used the wood stove in the Lodge, be sure to completely extinguish the fire, so that it is cold and there are no flames or embers. Empty the ashes when cold into a fireproof garbage can. Billing for damages includes time to shop as well as replacement cost. Cleaning and repairs are billed at $40 per hour.

Medical Facilities

There is a 24 hour Emergency Room at Honokaa, which is 15 minutes
away by car, and a hospital in Waimea, which is 35 minutes away by car.

Prohibitions.  Alcohol, illegal drugs, and firearms are not allowed. All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are prohibited beyond the parking lot, but you may want to bring a mountain bike for the trails.  Guest may not cut or damage plants or trees, dig holes, or otherwise alter or abuse the land. Camp fires may only be started and extinguished by the Camp Manager, or under the Camp Manager's supervision, in the Camp Fire Area.

Things to Bring

For individuals desiring to walk the botanical trail or through the orchard, walking shoes are desirable.

We provide a good supply of umbrellas in case of rain showers. Please dry
the umbrellas before storing them.

Campers will need to bring their own toiletries.  In the Lodge and Tenting you will need bring wash cloths, and towels.

In the Lodge you may wish to bring indoor slippers.  It is customery in Hawaii not to wear shoes into a home.  This will also reduce your cleaning upon departure in the Lodge and Cottages.

There is a coin-operated laundry room with commercial washer and dryer. Washers cost $2.00 per load and dryers cost $1.50 per load. It is often used when it is rainy. Bring your own laundry soap if you think you will need to do laundry.

It is highly recommended that you bring good flashlights if you plan to stay over night.  On a cloud covered night, or moonless night, you won’t see your nose without a flashlight!

Binoculars are especially useful if you want to observe the constellations, moon, Jupiter or Saturn at night.