Mekokiko Camp is 40 miles north of Hilo, 16 miles south of Waimea, on Highway 19. The camp property is about 4 miles off of Highway 19. GPS address: 44-3342 Kula Kahiko.

The best map to print is Google Map using the address:
44-3342 Kula Kahiko, Paauilo, Hawaii (above).

There are two approaches.

Coming from Hilo, you will turn mauka (left, uphill toward the mountain) at the end of Pa`auilo Town on Pohakea Road. On the map above it is labeled Pa`auilo Mauka Road. Pohakea Road turns into Pa`auilo Mauka Road about two miles up the mountain. At that "Y" in the road you will go right. You will soon come to the bright yellow "Vanilla Hawaii," a commercial restaurant/tourist stop which will be on your left. Continue on the single lane road, very slowly, for almost another 2 miles. On your left you will pass Pohakea Ranch (large gated entrance) before coming to Kula Kahiko Road. Kula Kahiko is the only road at the only intersection on Pa`auilo Mauka Road past Pohakea Ranch before you come to a wooden bridge. The wooden bridge is only 30 feet past the Kula Kahiko Road intersection. If you come to the bridge, back up 30' and turn downhill on Kula Kahiko Road. Camp Mekokiko is the second driveway on the left as you go down the road. The sign is on the downhill side of the driveway. If you pass the sign, back up!

Coming from Waimea, you will turn off Highway 19 mauka (right, uphill toward the mountain) at the Kalopa Park sign which is at the 39 mile marker. You will cross a wooden bridge then please take the first left, Apelamama (mauka, uphill) and drive until you come to a "Y" in the road. Take the left branch across a white wooden bridge. Kula Kahiko Road will be the next county road on your right (about 1/2 mile). It is well marked. Proceed up Kula Kahilo Road until you come to the Camp Mekokiko sign on your right almost to the top of the road. The driveway will be just past the sign on your right.

(All of the roads approaching the Camp are single lane, but paved. County of Hawaii prohibits any personal vehicle larger than a van to enter the property. In other words, you may not arrive in a bus.)

If you have trouble, try calling the Camp, 808-776-1531.  As we are outside most of the time, we can't guarantee you call will be answered, but there is a robot to record your message.

44-3342 Kula Kahiko Road Pa'auilo Hawaii